San Mateo County Health has issued an order directing all residents of the County to shelter at their place of residence except to provide or receive essential services, engage in certain Essential Activities, and work for Essential Businesses and governmental services.  This order is in effect from 12:01 a.m. on July 14, 2020 through and will continue to be in effect until it is rescinded, superseded, or amended in writing by the San Mateo County Health Officer. Read the order here. As this order was issued by the County Health Officer, all questions about interpreting the order should be directed to County Health by email at For general questions, regarding fire related services, please email or call 650-558-7600 and we will try to assist you as best we can by phone or email. Please note that we have limited staff working on-site at Fire Administration so we will do our best to respond to your call or email in a timely manner.

Special Message During the COVID-19 Crisis

Fire Permit Plan Submittal and Pick-up Procedures During Shelter in Place

In response to the State Governor’s Order directives and the San Mateo County Order to shelter in place due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Central County Fire Department has taken action to reduce public health risks to our communities and CCFD personnel by providing services for essential operations only at this time. This includes emergency response and mitigation and investigation/inspection of critical life-safety concerns.  During this challenging time Central County Fire Department’s mission, as always, is to provide the highest level of service to our communities and we appreciate everyone’s understanding of the temporary changes we must take to ensure the service of public safety.

CCFD’s Fire Administration Office is currently closed to the public, however, you may call 650-558-7600 for general assistance or to reach someone in the Fire Prevention or Administration Divisions.

Fire permit plan review and pick-up services are provided by appointment only.  Please see Fire Permit Procedures for more information.  Issuance of your permit does not grant permission to begin construction, you must comply with the San Mateo County Health Officer’s Order restricting residential and commercial construction.

In response to the March 31st San Mateo County Order directives, CCFD will not be scheduling any fire permit and/or final building permit construction inspections until the directive prohibiting residential and commercial construction is lifted.  If you would like to schedule an inspection for a current construction project that qualifies as one of the following County Order-defined essential businesses, please contact 650-558-7618 to schedule:

  1. Projects immediately necessary to the maintenance, operation or repair of Essential Infrastructure
  2. Projects associated with Healthcare Operations, including creating or expanding Healthcare Operations, provided that such construction is directly related to the COVID-19 response
  3. Affordable housing that is or will be income-restricted, including multi-unit or mixed-use developments containing at least 10% income-restricted units
  4. Public works projects if specifically designated as an Essential Governmental Function by the lead governmental agency
  5. Shelters and temporary housing, but not including hotels or motels
  6. Projects immediately necessary to provide critical non-commercial services to individuals experiencing homelessness, elderly persons, persons who are economically disadvantaged, and persons with special needs
  7. Construction necessary to ensure that existing construction sites that must be shut down under this Order are left in a safe and secure manner, but only to the extent necessary to do so
  8. Construction or repair necessary to ensure that residences and buildings containing Essential Businesses are safe, sanitary, or habitable to the extent such construction or repair cannot reasonably be delayed.

Attention Business Owners – Outdoor Dining and Services Requirements:

The Central County Fire Department is working in tandem with City officials to provide resources and guidelines during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please click on the link below for guidelines that promote fire safety and wellness for your staff, patrons, and the community.

Outdoor Business Fire Safety During Covid-19 – Cities of Burlingame and Millbrae

General Resources