Warm weather and nice summer days – ah yes, sunny dry California.

The drought is getting worse, there is less available water, and wildland fire season starts soon.  As we head into summer, we need to practice good fire safety and emergency preparedness rules. FFCD and Cal Fire remind you to “Ready, Set, Go”.

Here are some tips to be prepared for emergencies during the drought:

  • “Ready” – maintain defensible space around your property (remove dead trees and potential tinder and clutter; discard hazardous products such as old paint, gas containers, etc.; throw our old papers and other flammable items)
  • “Set” – check emergency supplies; check fire extinguishers; flashlights, smoke detectors; practice family fire drills, know at least 2 exits from your residence; have an evacuation plan; keep a “To Go” bag ready that includes personal supplies and copies of important documents
  • “Go” – evacuate when public safety officials tell you
  • Water plants early in the morning not in the middle of the day
  • Check your irrigation system – make sure there are no leaks and it’s watering correctly
  • New plants should be drought tolerant and fire resistant
  • No unattended fire pits or barbecues and extinguish completely when finished; keep a bucket of sand nearby; no backyard bonfires
  • Fireworks and sky lanterns are prohibited
  • Monitor local weather, news and emergency notifications during hazardous conditions
  • Call 9-1-1 immediately to report fires or emergencies

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