The Central County Fire Department (CCFD) engaged AP Triton Consulting, LLC (Triton) to conduct what was identified in the department’s Request for Proposals (RFP) as the provision of a Community Risk Assessment (CRA) and Standards of Cover (SOC) analysis.

The study closely follows the Center for Fire Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) Standards of Coverage model, 6th Edition, which develops written procedures to determine the community risk, distribution, and concentration of a fire and emergency service agency’s fixed and mobile resources. The purpose of completing the CRA/SOC document is to assist in ensuring a safe and effective response force for fire suppression, emergency medical services, and specialty response situations.

Creating a Community Risk Assessment/Standards of Cover document requires that a number of areas are researched, studied, and evaluated. Therefore, this report begins with an overview of the community and CCFD. Following the overview, the plan discusses topics such as community risk assessment, critical task analysis, agency service level objectives, and distribution and concentration measures. Finally, the report analyzes historical performance and concludes with policy and operational recommendations.

View the report: CCFD current Standards of Cover / Community Risk Assessment report