Lateral and Entry-level Firefighter Opportunities

Central County Fire Department (CCFD) is always looking for new team members who are passionate and knowledgeable about the fire service. We offer a progressive and highly skilled department, where we strive to provide the best service to the communities we serve (Burlingame, Hillsborough and Millbrae).

If you are looking for a career that provides exciting and rewarding challenges, competitive pay and benefits, and a positive impact on our communities, please consider a career with CCFD.

Interested? Please check our FAQs and minimum requirements information here.

For further information regarding the Central County Fire Department or our recruitment process, interested parties may contact us at: Hiring Committee Email

Intern Program

Central County Fire Department is proud to give back to the Fire Service community through its Internship program. The program gives future Firefighter candidates exposure to what it takes to become a professional Firefighter. In a learning capacity and on a volunteer basis, Interns respond to emergency calls, participate in company training, interact with the community, and obtain knowledge that will help them on their path to becoming a career Firefighter.

In addition, Interns assemble once a month for a drill tailored toward developing basic firefighting skills and tactics. Interns are assigned one 24-hour shift per week, for a period of 2 years, and are considered a valued piece of CCFD operations. Openings for Intern positions occur as needed. Check our website and social media sites periodically for application opportunities.

For more information on our intern program, please contact us at Intern Program Email.