During a disaster CCFD will have limited personnel and apparatus to provide emergency services. We thus strongly support the efforts of our local residents, particularly the Burlingame and Hillsborough Neighborhood Networks (BNN and HNN), to be trained, prepared and self-reliant during the most critical three to five days following an area-wide disaster.

BNN BannerBURLINGAME NEIGHBORHOOD NETWORK (BNN) encourages Burlingame citizens to work cooperatively in neighborhood teams to prepare for disasters. In the process of getting better acquainted, neighbors are inspired to plan other events such as block parties and holiday get-togethers. Their sense of community fosters a “Neighborhood Watch” awareness that helps prevent crime.


HILLSBOROUGH NEIGHBORHOOD NETWORK (HNN) is a grass-roots group of residents collaborating to assist neighborhoods to get acquainted, informed and organized for emergency preparedness at the individual, neighborhood, and community level. Our objectives are to prepare neighborhoods to be self-sufficient in case of disaster, to promote a safer community, and to build communication within neighborhoods. Hillsborough residents can sign up for a monthly Emergency Prep Update email and find out who their Neighborhood Leads are by contacting: hnn@hillsborough.net.