Station Tours

Tours of your local fire station are available upon request.  Station tours last approximately 45 minutes and include viewing the fire engine and fire fighting equipment, as well as talking to the firefighters about their job.  Please fill out the online event request form and submit to Central County Fire Department.

Tour Criteria:

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks in advance to schedule a tour.

Minimum age for tour participants is 5 years.

Group size must be 30 or fewer total participants (including children and chaperones). There must be 1 adult chaperone for every 3 children under the age of 10.

Fire stations remain “in-service” during tours. Fire companies may need to respond to emergencies at any time. If they do, it will be necessary for the tour to end and your group to exit the station. Please keep this in mind when visiting.

Tours are for educational purposes only. We are unable to accommodate any requests for birthday parties or other non-educational events.

Participants should be residents of Burlingame, Millbrae or Hillsborough, or belong to an organization within one of these communities.

Tours are scheduled as follows:
Station #34, 799 California Drive, Burlingame – First Tuesday/Thursday of the month
Station #37, 511 Magnolia Avenue, Millbrae – Second Tuesday/Thursday of the month
Station #33, 835 Chateau Drive, Hillsborough – Third Tuesday/Thursday of the month

Holidays are excluded from the schedule above

Hours for tours are 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:30pm-4:00pm

You may call Fire Prevention at 650-558-7615 for more information.

Additional Information / Request Form